Testimonials from Our Clients

Received the report and the photos. Great job! I observed the balance was below the agreed upon price so I authorize you to keep the balance for doing a great job.

You made a family very happy with your work. Our client was moved to tears when I gave them your news. They have contacted their attorney for legal process to follow.

Thank you for a job well done.

Scott F.   

"We have been using TRIAD for many years, and he has always been reliable, meticulous, discreet, and cost-effective. Triad always ensures that they provide accurate information in a timely manner . "

Kaeske / Reeves LLP

Mark Taylor   

”highly professional and very results oriented”

Mark J.   

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you probably do not realize what you have done, but you have brought together an entire family. The past 25 years I have had no one left of my family, both my parents are dead and I lost contact with my two brothers, through no fault of my own. And I had been searching for about 20 years.... Now I not only have a brother, but he has a whole family, that he has not seen for 23 years.

Pat M.   

"Thanks for finding (xxx) for me. I made a nice profit on the deal. If I need your help in the future I will not hesitate to contact you."

D Best Solutions

Del' Win Marks   

I am extremely grateful for all you have done for (XXX) over the past year. I am glad to have gotten to know you, I just wish it could have been under different circumstances, if you know what I mean.


"We would like to thank you and Triad Investigations for the superior work you did for us. The information you provided us for our problem was excellent and the speed in which you provided it was outstanding. Your ability to uncover information seems uncanny to us and every bit you gave us was very useful. Not only were we able to use the information from your reports but the law enforcement agencies we went to seemed very pleased as well. Our only regret is that we did not contact you before we got involved rather than after. If we had we would never have ventured into the situation in the first place.  You may rest assured if we are ever approached again about a deal where there is any question about its reliability you and Triad will be the first telephone call.  

Richard Parks   

Former Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Counter Intelligence Division
Contact information withheld at Client's request .

“Your proven reliability is very attractive to me and those that I talk to"...“...I usually qualify sources into three categories and because of our relationship over the years, I of course place you in the reliable source category which means that data received from you and your sources is unquestioned."

R. Pankew   

I have used Triad Investigations Agency to assist me in numerous matters many of which they have been able to provide me with just the "right" bit of information which has helped me resolve the matter in a successful manner.

Christopher L. Kurzner, Esq.   

"Triad has served our security needs on several occasions.
We have always received prompt and courteous attention to our varied needs. As builders we have utilized their services to identify persons responsible for vandalism and theft at construction sites. As landlords with rental properties, we have been impressed with their very thorough and discreet background checks. Knowing if a potential renter has had questionable credit or criminal activity in the past can eliminate potential problems in the future. It is also reassuring to know that you are making informed decisions regarding who will be living on your property."

The Pope Company & Pope Company Custom Homes, LP

Darla Reffitt   

I will refer you anytime someone needs something like this. You have always been diligent in your efforts and we are very happy with the work product!

S. Franklin   

thank you so much...ya'll are just awesome..

S. Hernandez   

"I highly recommend Triad, and have utilized their services over the past 4 years with great success. Incidentally, Triad is not your typical investigative services, and can provide virtually any conceivable investigative service large or small, locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally." - 2006

"I am extremely supportive of Triad and their complete line of services and
continuously recommend them to my cohorts." 2012

VP/Collection & Liquidation Manager
Provident Bank

Mark Jones   

"The products and services are great. This is what sells."

Ciena Capital

Walter Z