With the popularity and increase of social media use a good private investigator will review all the online information he/she can find on a subject before they ever leave the office. In addition to the information found in our restricted databases, social media platforms allow private investigators to discover a wealth of personal information about the subject; places they go, their likes and dislikes, people who are their friends and family, etc.

Visual Surveillance

Today there are a variety of tools for making a surveillance recording and/or taking undercover photos. This list will only continue to grow, largely due to convenience and today’s security demands.

With all the many options now available and at our disposal, we have the ability to record the evidence our clients need.   The ability for audio recordings is also available in some cases.

Surveillance / Tracking
Surveillance operations often involve following a subject, whether on foot, or in a vehicle. In either case, a private investigator must know how to be discreet, and not draw attention to himself/herself. Passive tracking systems, such as battery-powered GPS trackers can be implanted on your target’s car, but only if certain conditions are met for it to be legal. 


We generally need 24 hour notice so that we can examine the case and plan accordingly as well as ensure that our cameras and video recorders are fully charged. On some cases we can make exceptions particularly if an emergency is involved, however, we will need sufficient information to complete the task successfully.

Note that we require that a retainer is paid prior to commencing services

Conducting a successful surveillance often take several steps before we even leave our office. Your patience is important. We must prepare, gather information and be on target when the time comes. The more information you are able to provide for your case the greater the likelihood that your case will progress as desired.  We are always discreet and never discuss your case outside our office.

It is critical that you NEVER divulge any information to the subject that they are being observed as this will cause us to put a halt on your case immediately, as well as the subject will from that point begin to be more aware of their surroundings, and successful surveillance will no longer be viable. It is also important that you allow the investigator to do their job for which they are trained without interference.

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