How to Order Services

1. Contact one of our investigators to discuss your case by sending a message to us at we will contact you promptly.

2. After discussing your case with us, submit your request in writing using the following form HERE or send an EMAIL

3. Once this information is received we will contact you with a quote.

4. Make payment or pay retainer for services using the following options unless prior provisions have been made with Triad.

Note: We will not proceed on your investigation until we receive payment for services or a retainer on your case.

5. Upon receipt of payment we will proceed with your investigation. After completing your investigation we will notify and send you a report consisting of our findings.

Payment Options

Pay by business check or money order. No personal checks accepted.

CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED – Pay over the phone
3.5 % +.15 cents per transaction
+ applicable sales tax

A sales tax of 8.25 % will apply for all services rendered to customers within
the state of Texas. The above convenience  fees (Credit Card fees) will also be added
on all credit card transactions:

pay - Copy
Pay Online – Paypal
You will receive an online invoice

We accept Cash / Money Orders
and Credit Cards through PayPal
Fees 2.9 % + .30 cents
per transaction + applicable sales tax