1. Contact one of our investigators to discuss your case by calling (903) 471-0888 or send us an email.

The investigator will need relevant information to your case such as photographs, residence and workplace addresses, license plate numbers, suspected persons or places that the Subject may be meeting at after hours, etc.. We ask that you refrain from venting your frustrations on the investigators that you discuss your case with as this type of information will not help us and the fact that we are not trained psychologists or psychiatrists even though we may have experience with a wide range of personality types. We offer free 15 minute consultations in this regard to determine what the best options are for your particular situation. Note that any time beyond the 15 minute time period will be considered CONSULTATION SERVICES and billed at an hourly rate.

2. After discussing your case with us, submit your request in writing using the appropriate ``Submit Case `` tab above or send us an email.

After discussing your case with us, please erase all emails, texts, or phone numbers on your computers or cell phones. In view of the types of technology available to the public today, always assume that the Subject of the investigation could have access to your email account or cell phone, or could even be listening to your conversation even if it’s on a cell phone. One indicator of spyware on a cell phone is a battery that drains faster than normal.. Do not forget to empty the “trash” folder on your phone and/or email account when finished as this is often overlooked.

Note:  We also advise keeping a journal detailing the dates and times and contents of your conversations with the Subject if you are going through a divorce or child custody case. This information may help the investigator work your case more effectively and be useful in court.

3. Once this information is received, we will contact you with a quote.

Surveillance rates are $75 per hour during weekdays and $110 per hour on the weekends or holidays plus mileage at .45 per mile at the present time. If the Subject resides or works in an urban area that is heavily populated (i.e. Tyler, Longview, Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, etc…) where their travel will take them through heavily trafficked areas it may require the use of two or more investigators. Secondary investigators are billed at a reduced rate of $60 per hour during weekdays and $85 on weekends or holidays plus mileage at .45 per mile. Additional expenses may also be incurred such as toll fees, DVDs, and/or meals if the surveillance requires that the investigator enter a restaurant or bar to overhear / record the conversation or video using body-worn cameras or audio recording devices.


4. Make payment or pay retainer for services using the following options unless prior provisions have been made with Triad.

On all cases, a retainer is required which will be commensurate with the perceived budgetary outlay. We also offer consultation services at a rate of $75 per hour if you need advice on how to proceed on the case yourself . Upon completion of the surveillance the full balance must be paid before we will release the investigation report.

5. Upon receipt of payment we will proceed with your investigation. After completing your investigation we will notify and send you a report consisting of our findings.

Payment Options

Pay by business check or money order. No personal checks accepted.


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We accept Cash / Money Orders
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Fees 2.9 % + .30 cents
per transaction + applicable sales tax

A sales tax of 8.25 % will apply for all services rendered to customers within
the state of Texas. The above convenience  fees (Credit Card fees) will also be added
on all credit card transactions: