Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Our services are retainer-based and determined after a thorough discussion to understand your needs.

What factors influence the cost of my investigation.  See details here

What to expect when utilizing Triad Services

  • We listen, discuss and evaluate your issues and needs.
  • An investigation plan is discussed, budgeted and a timeline is established.
  •  A results-based investigation will be conducted by experienced investigators.
  • The cost to conduct private Investigations vary and are determined by the length and type of investigation needed. Our policy is to discuss the most cost-effective options available and then provide an estimate that carries no hidden costs.
  •  If we determine that additional time or resources will be needed on an investigation other than that previously discussed due to unforeseen events, we will halt the investigation, and contact the client for approval before proceeding.
  •  If surveillance is conducted, copies of any obtained video evidence (footage) and a detailed report of all activities is provided to the client.
  • Written reports are provided to our clients upon the conclusion of the investigation. The report will consist of relevant findings and may contain attachments which consist of relevant documents proving or disproving claims, handwritten or tape-recorded statements, video footage, or other evidence directly relevant to your case.
  •  All investigations are confidential and are not discussed without any other parties unless you authorize us to do so. Case information is maintained in our secured offices only for strict confidentiality and is not available via online sources.
  •  Payment or partial/down payments for services must be made prior to commencing the investigation unless the client has established a long-standing relationship with our agency.

What is the benefit of using Triad Services:

  •  Background checks and profiling designed to enhance discovery and assess credibility.
  • Interviews and statements, both audio-taped and written, that are detailed and relevant (if requested).
  • Surveillance and undercover skills that often are instrumental in gaining otherwise unattainable material evidence.
  •  Information services, including informant resources, that provide relevant, real-time, and hard-to-find information that can’t be found elsewhere.
  • The inclusion of clear and concise summaries of the types of information that were discovered during the investigation is directly relevant to your needs.