If you believe that your child is being abused, neglected, or otherwise is unsafe with a parent, or if you believe that the courts would provide you with custody of your child if they had all the facts, TRIAD can help you. Without concrete evidence, child custody cases often devolve into he-said-she-said arguments in the courtroom and are never good for the child.

Every case is different – but there are some common types of cases that we handle on a regular basis and associated tactics that are proven to be successful in protecting the best interests of the child in these situations.


Note that our investigators must operate in a legal and professional manner and are NOT police officers. They cannot engage in the following actions:


  • Enter into the residence of another individual that the Subject is seeing to obtain photographs or video footage (though we can photograph or take video footage if their windows are open).


  • Plant audio or video recording devices unless they have the permission of the owner. Note that we cannot install said types of devices into apartments where the tenant has a reasonable right to the expectation of privacy.


  • Obtain phone call logs or text message history to find out who my significant other is talking to?  Pursuant to Texas Penal Code, Title 4, Chapter 16.02 it is an offense if “a person commits an offense if the person: (1) intentionally intercepts, endeavors to intercept, or procures another person to intercept or endeavor to intercept a wire, oral, or electronic communication”. However if you are an authorized user of the account or are paying the bill you may be able to procure access to “your own” records to obtain copies of them.


  • Install GPS tracking devices on a vehicle:Not unless your name is on the title of the vehicle due to passage of the Texas Penal Code, Title Title 4, Chapter 16.06 on Sept. 1, 1999 which states that “a person commits an offense if the person knowingly installs an electronic or mechanical tracking device on a motor vehicle owned or leased by another person.” It is a defense to prosecution if a licensed private investigator installs the device with written agreement given by the owner or lessee of the motor vehicle or pursuant to an order of or other authorization from a court to gather information. As a general rule we usually advise that the client purchase and install (i deemed legal) the units themselves since they are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and can be purchased online.    Under Texas statutes, you can place a tracking device on someone else’s vehicle with that person’s consent. … Even if the vehicle is owned and registered in both names, it is beyond question that only one spouse ever drives the vehicle, it may be illegal for the non-driving spouse to install a tracking device on it. Oct 10, 2017

Q: What information do I need to provide to the investigators?

The following types of information and supporting documentation is needed at the onset of the Surveillance Investigation for beneficial results. Do not worry if this information is unavailable we can usually acquire if needed but there may be additional costs involved:


  • Your contact information with a safe phone number that we can contact you at. Include preferable times that we may contact you at.
  • The full name and identifiers of the Subject upon which surveillance is to be conducted.
  • Physical description and a photograph of the Subject noting any distinguishing features (such as a particular hairstyle, tattoos, moles, etc…)
  • Subject’s current address; if his / her location is currently unknown we can determine this information at an additional cost.
  • Type vehicle, color, and license plate number that the Subject is driving as well as any identifying characteristics such as bumper stickers, unique color schemes, or damage to the vehicle. If the information is known about the type vehicle of the person that they are seeing this is helpful as well.
  • Attire worn by the Subject if known; this assists in picking them out of the crowd if needed.
  • Suspected individuals that the Subject may be having an affair with and any information you may know about them.
  • Itinerary of the Subject, if known.
  • Known locations/hangouts that the Subject visits or will be visiting that you are aware of.


If the surveillance pertains to a custody-related matter, we will need the following information:


  • Name, age, and physical description of the child OR photograph OR both
  • The attire of the children, if known
  • Daycare or school that they attend
  • Names and addresses of other caregivers such as nannies, grandparents, or other family members that the children may stay with
  • Schedule or itinerary


Q: What type of results can I expect?

Typically on most domestic investigations we determine the following types of information and acquire supporting video footage or still photographs:

  • Documentation of intimate activity between the parties which may include video footage or still photographs. Note that we can only obtain footage of sexual activities if they engage in them in an open/public setting or the interior of a residence if permission is granted by the owner and covert video cameras are installed.
  • Where they met, where they went, and how long they were at each location
  • Identify who they met
  • The address of the person they met
  • A description and the license plate number of the vehicle that the person they met was driving
  • Background information about the person they met which may or may not include employment, criminal history, if they are currently married or not, among other details.


Q: What type of documentation will I receive upon conclusion of the case?

You will receive a report, either verbally, in writing, or in electronic format which is comprised of the following information/evidence:


  • details the Subject’s movements (who he/she met with, the license plate number of that vehicle, title information on said vehicle which will list the name of the owner, their address, date registered, etc…, what he/she did with the other individual. The report is professional in appearance and will be in *.pdf format or another type if needed.


  • Video and/or photographic footage taken during the surveillance.


Q: Do you guarantee results?

No. Though we’d like to, we cannot guarantee that every surveillance will be successful due to unforeseen forces beyond our control such as weather, road/traffic conditions, or the Subject changing his itinerary or displaying unanticipated deceptive behavior, however, we will utilize every tool that we have and draw upon the experience of approximately 20 years engaged in investigations activities. What we can guarantee is that we will conduct the surveillance to the best of our abilities and be on-site ready to capture video footage and document his / her activities which are beneficial to your interests if they engage in any illegal/illicit activities or marital dalliances.

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